sustainable diy projects



After we moved into our new home, I wanted to add framed artwork throughout our main living spaces. Unfortunately, it didn’t make financial sense at the time to spend potentially thousands of dollars to buy them brand new. So I ordered digital prints on Etsy, enlarged them, and built frames by hand for each of them.

I spent several hours of my own time; however, the final result was so much better than I imagined!

DIYing allows for creativity with environmental and cost-saving benefits.

Are  there new projects you want to tackle at home that you can do yourself?


k  s instead.tMany DIY bloggers have great tips and tricks for creating sustainable home improvement projects- take a look at Pinterest for more ideas. Some examples of sustainable DIY home projects include:

Grow Your Own Food

Plant a tree or create a vegetable garden in the backyard to absorb carbon and produce food.

Bring the Green Indoors

Create a living wall or vertical garden that improves air quality and adds greenery to indoor spaces.

Make a Compost Bin

Construct a compost bin to turn food scraps and yard waste into nutrient-rich soil for gardening.

Update Your Kitchen Decor

Create a backsplash or tile a bathroom or kitchen instead of paying for a remodel

Update Your Floors

Refinish old or worn-out hardwood floors instead of replacing them.

Try Low or No-VOC Paint

Paint walls or cabinets to freshen up a room’s appearance.

Made New From the Old

Upcycle or repurpose items to create unique decor.


Stay tuned for more information about creating sustainable DIY projects!