8 Reasons I Switched My Family To Bar Soap

by | Feb 16, 2023 | Eco Home, Family, Sustainable Bathroom, Sustainable Kitchen

My kids waste a lot of liquid soap. But it’s not their fault, really. They have tiny hands and don’t grasp what “just a tiny bit” means. If fact, “just a tiny bit” is almost an invitation for a five-year-old to dump as much product into their hands as possible. My son recently poured half of a shampoo bottle into the tub while I washed his sister’s hair. In a matter of seven seconds, a brand new bottle I literally just opened was mixed in with the bathwater. To say I was frustrated is an understatement.

I have been thinking more about ways to help my family be more sustainable, and switching to bar soap was already part of my plan. (Now I have to make the switch even sooner!)

So, I started doing some research on eco-friendly bath bar brands. I learned that there are so many other incredible benefits to switching to bar soap than just trying to find a way to prevent a small child from dumping out all the liquid soap!

Here are all the benefits of switching to bar soap:

Bar soaps

Bar soap doesn’t require much packaging, is more eco-friendly, lasts longer, and is cheaper than liquid soap.

#1. Environmental benefits

Bar soap typically requires less packaging than liquid soap, which means less waste in landfills and less energy used in production and transportation. Additionally, many bar soaps are made with natural and sustainably-sourced ingredients, which can further reduce your environmental impact.

#2. Health Benefits

Many liquid soaps contain synthetic fragrances and other potentially harmful chemicals, whereas bar soap is often made with gentler natural ingredients on your skin. Also, some bar soaps contain moisturizing oils and other ingredients to help keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

#3. Cost-Effective

Bar soap is often less expensive than liquid soap, especially when you consider the fact that it typically lasts longer. A single bar of soap can last for weeks or even months, depending on how frequently you use it.

There are many different eco-friendly bar soap brands on the market.

#4. Versatility

Bar soap can be used for various purposes, from washing your hands and body to cleaning your home. Some people even use it as a shampoo or to shave with. This versatility means you can reduce the number of different products you need to buy, reducing your environmental impact and saving you money.

#5. Less Packaging

Bar soaps typically come with little or no packaging, which reduces waste. In contrast, liquid soap often comes in plastic bottles that need to be disposed of after use, and that can take hundreds of years to break down in landfills.

#6. Lower Carbon Footprint

Bar soaps often have a lower carbon footprint than liquid soaps. They require less energy to produce and transport because they are lighter and take up less space. Plus, many bar soaps are made with natural and sustainably sourced ingredients, which can further reduce their environmental impact.

#7. Longer Lasting

Bar soaps are often more concentrated than liquid soaps, which means they last longer. As a result, you need to buy them less frequently, reducing the amount of waste you generate over time.

#8. Biodegradable

Many bar soaps are made with biodegradable ingredients, which means they can break down in water and soil over time. This makes them less harmful to the environment than many liquid soaps, which can contain chemicals that persist in the environment and harm wildlife.

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